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Ancient Energy Healing Techniques for Modern Times

Hey there.  I'm Melissa Tully. I am a mother, wife, seeker and shaman. Certified in energy medicine, my studies follow the ancient teachings of the Q’ero and Laika healers from Peru. I am a graduate of Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s Light Body School. I have also honed a unique skill: I can see where the energy in a particular system may be stagnant or blocked. Most importantly, I can channel life force to support new vibrant health, new careers, new passions. Our goal with this work is to call forth that vibrant Soulful You that you are meant to be. These powerful and transformative healing techniques will change your life. 

Usui and Kundalini Reiki

I am certified in both Usui and Kundalini Reiki; I have used both for almost a decade with great results. Originally from Japan, Reiki is a form of hands-on healing that provides a myriad of healing benefits. The benefits of Reiki are well-documented by now, so much that leading hospitals across the country like Johns Hopkins are adding Reiki to their offerings. My own clients have reported better sleep, stress and pain relief, deeper relaxation and confidence, and enhanced immune systems.  Better sex and more vibrant relationships have also been reported. This is not surprising since Reiki moves energy to different centers in the body allowing the river of chi to flow vibrant and strong.

The Mamakia Way

As your energy healer, my intention with every session is to enhance your life experience and activate the next layer of your earthwalk.  I hold sacred space on your behalf and collaborate with Spirit to allow more grace and ease to flow into your life. We work intuitively together, as a team and at your pace, with whatever issues arise in the moment. By cultivating an honoring of the present and an acceptance of the past, we clear the way for new destiny paths, new healing, new life. One of my most treasured gifts is nurturing the latent seeds of greatness in others—come work with me!    


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Contact me with any questions to explore if shamanic healing work or reiki healing are your next steps. I will reply within 24 hours.  Free 15 minute phone consultations also available.

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