Shamanism: Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session like?

I recommend lighting a candle, burning incense, and making sure the environment supports an introspective mood. If your experience is to be over phone/Skype, we will talk for about 15 minutes about what is showing up in your life.  In particular, be attentive to the time period between when we arrange the session and the actual session itself.  Spirit has an interesting way of making clear what you are ready to work on. For example, you might think you are coming in to work on trust issues and something completely different comes up.  It's all part of the process of inquiry. 

 I want to clarify that energy healing is not problem analysis. That would be entering the Mind space and be more appropriate for talk therapy. What I do while I listen is follow the energy trail as you talk. We work on the hot spots found within your energy field. After the intake, I will ask you to lay down and coach you in deep breathing. Perhaps a meditation to settle the Mind/Body aspect will follow. Then I will scan your field. I might journey for you. I might cleanse your chakras, remove intrusive energies or objects, and/or retrieve a soul part that might be ready to rejoin you consciously. We will work with what shows up, as you and your system become ready for deeper processes.      

What results can I expect?

 Clients have reported varied experiences that span the range from the gentle to the very marked. Some people feel warmth from my hands, hear angel bells or receive messages. Others simply take the best nap ever. Typically, the real magic of shamanic healing is experienced in the week after our work together when the map of your life seems to gracefully fall into place. For instance, one client experienced marked relief from the back pain that had plagued her for years. Another came in to mourn the death of a loved one and came out not only with a lightened load, but with new energy that revitalized her marriage. Other clients dip so much into deep stillness that they Supercharge Shifts that come weeks later in the form of new art exhibits, new places of residence, new hobbies that enrich their lives or new jobs that fit their interests and abilities perfectly.  Every energy healing session is an individual process as we work together on your behalf to serve your next best steps.   

Is it imperative to rest afterwards?

Life in the East coast tends to pulsate with commitments and many people spring right into another activity after shamanism work. Based on my experience, however, setting aside a few hours afterwards for self care anchors in the work. Perhaps you take  a walk in the garden or sit by a stream to commune with nature. Warm salt baths are also a staple of my "shamanic homework" after our time together- as baths allow for deeper relaxation and further cleanse the energetic field. Drinking extra water is also very beneficial to keep energies moving (both during shamanism and reiki healing sessions). In fact, if the work is in-person, expect to be offered water or tea. The intention is to keep things flowing as your luminous field will actually be detoxing for about 1 week afterward each energy healing session. Journaling, drawing, and/or painting are also great rituals after shamanism work to help ground you and anchor in the new maps created into your luminous reality.

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