After Sessions: Shamanic Healing Tools


Prioritize Self-Care

After a session, it is imperative that you drink lots of water. Your energy field will be releasing toxins for the next few days at greater capacity and water will keep toxins moving out of your system. It is also important to prioritize R & R (rest and reflection). Spend time in nature, journal or paint—choose an enjoyable activity that calls you home to land within your heart. There is a sacred door of possibility that gets super charged after session work so take time to align with your opening.

Take a Shaman’s Bath 

-½ C Sea Salt (use strictly sea salt to draw toxins out, please)

-½ C Baking Soda

-8-12 drops of a favorite essential oil

-10 drop sage oil (optional)

Mix ingredients in a hot bath and sit in meditative silence for about 20 minutes. Perhaps play soft music in the background to set the tone for peace and nurture. This bath is an excellent aid in continuing the release process started during the session.

And/or Sea Salt Scrub

When one does not have access to a bathtub, here is an alternate recipe:

Take a small glass or plastic container and fill 1/2 way with organic oil (olive, sesame, coconut, and/or almond). Next add equal parts sea salt & baking soda, and 5-10 drops sage essential oil. Mix it all together to form a salt scrub.

In shower (or on towel on bathroom floor), scoop some of salt scrub onto fingers and gently massage on skin to exfoliate. Use long strokes on the long bones (legs/arms), circles on the joints.  Allow the scrub to sit on skin for 5-10 minutes.  Oils will absorb in, moisturizing skin.  Salt/baking soda will extract out, supporting further energetic releases.  Sage will further purify.

Shower off scrub while being mindful of slippery oils on the feet, and stay steady, grounded, and upright.  

For both formats, bring your full consciousness to your ritual experience.  Invite yourself to release anything that is no longer serving.  Extend gratitude for all that you released during your healing session and all that you're gardening in your life.  Breathe deeply and enjoy the sensory experience of the warm water on your skin, the aromatherapy of the sage oil, and the texture of the salt crystals dissolving.  Bring your full self to the release work, and your full self to your receiving of the gifts of our ritual.

Synchronize Heart & Womb Centers

Lie comfortably on your back in an area that supports introspection and ease. Breathe deeply as you inflate your lower abdomen like a balloon, breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Inhale for a count of four. Exhale for a count of four, drawing out the breath and making a slight swooshing sound that may reach the back of your throat. It might sound like a funny sound but this part is important, as behind the throat center are 2 energy meridians that get activated during this exercise that are significant in the overall energy flow of your system. Keep breathing and swooshing out air audibly. 

After a few minutes of rhythmic breathing, place your left hand on the center of you chest. This is where the heart chakra is located; the location also is known as the gateway chakra. Continue to gently and lovingly focus on your heart area. Feel the appreciation for this gateway that beats unconditionally and with ease everyday and feel yourself landing there gracefully. Next bring your right hand underneath your belly button to the location of the sacral chakra, about 2 inches below your belly button, which is the birthplace of life and creativity. Feel the appreciation for all that’s bloomed in your life and all that’s yet to come—and now intentionally connect both centers. Breathe deeply and hold the intention lightly but firmly for a few minutes until the path between them is flowing smoothly. 

* This is a great exercise to do before bed to ensure a wonderful rest. It is also a useful tool to reset the fight/flight system after a stressful day at work or after an anxiety episode, as it will calm  the overall system. 

Share Your Good News 

Drop me a line within the week to let me know how things have progressed so we can celebrate the shifts together! This is also a good time to schedule a follow-up session if you haven’t already.

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