Sacred Offerings: Healing Sessions

Kundalini and Usui Reiki Sessions

These sessions last about an hour and can be done in person in my office or long-distance (over the phone or Skype). The energy healing works no matter where you are because it is done through the power of intention. Clients report feeling warmth from my hands and going into a state of deep relaxation that is calming and restorative, like going into a state of meditation. Benefits span the range from the highly marked to the subtle, but most clients report increased peace and patience, better sleep, more vitality, and overall better health.  

Shamanic Energy Healing

 These sessions last from 1- 1.5 hours and can also be done in my office or long-distance (over the phone or Skype). Energy knows no bounds—thus the work is location independent. While we dialogue about what is showing up in your life, I track your energy field for “hot spots” or the places that tell me there is a blockage of life force. We work with what shows up in the moment and employ many different tools of energy healing as is appropriate for each particular session (illuminations, extractions, soul retrieval, cord-cutting, curse removals, etc). Keep in mind that each session is tailored to the individual client and their present needs. As a result, no session is ever exactly the same; we are all evolving constantly. This is lovely, life-changing work that imparts new perspectives to our version of what is possible for our lives.   

House Blessings and Land Clearings

Heavy energy can follow us to our places of residence and create blocks and dis-ease in our lives. I clear out what no longer serves during a 2-3 hour session designed to open the way for new states of health and wellness for you. New jobs, new projects, new life paths.  Home blessings are one of my favorite ways to clear energy because they engage the energy fields of every inhabitant of the home (both living and non-living). As a result, home blessings are highly potent portals that facilitate lush change and transformation. These sessions are done only in person.  Contact me for a consultation as special arrangements may have to be made. 

Personalized Ritual & Ceremony

Ceremonies before or during significant life events honor the different stages of our lives; at the same time, acknowledging the Divine in our lives further invokes the powerful presence of the Spirit within us and all around us. In essence, these offerings set the tone for what comes ahead while simultaneously saying good-bye to the past. We can then purposefully change the energy of work projects, call in new and old relationships, the sale of homes, bless the process of graduations, etc.  This work requires prior consultation as ceremony is done at an appointed day and time with only your intentions in mind.  You can be present by my side or I can do the work on your behalf: the energy is changed irregardless of physical distance.  Ceremony is another of my favorite tools to bless, uplift, and inspire. 

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