What Clients Say: Healing Sessions

Time seemed to have stopped during our session!

I could have sworn it was over 2 hours when  it actually was only 1 hour, and the guided meditation portion of it was so relaxing I think I fell asleep. Since the session, things at home are generally much calmer and I feel much better.


Following the message from our session, I met my partner roller-blading downtown!

Life is very different from when we first started working together. My boyfriend and I are going strong (6 months now) and numerous art exhibits and galleries are showing up to showcase my work! 


I came away from the healing session feeling lighter, relaxed, and happy.

The imagery you described has stayed with me and brought me comfort when I've needed it.


What a transformative session. Thank-you! Energy with my precious partner transformed.

Most beautiful is the connection with Self and Spirit. I feel home.  


My shamanic session with you invoked a powerful sense of peace and calm.

You possess a wonderful energy that helped me focus on troubling issues and provided a safe environment to release emotions that were hindering my forward progress.